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    Workout advice. Everyone look at this

    Whats up fellas, tell me what you think about my routine. I plan on doing cardio every morning when i wake up. Then hit the weights later. i plan on doing 5 sets for each exercise 12, 10, last three to failure. I want to drop my bf% by half. i think i lose 2-3 pounds a week and i shouldn't lose any muscle mass. My diet is going to consist of High protein low-carbs and a lot of attitude. if anyone has any advice i would appreciate it.

    185 lbs
    18% bf

    Chest: Day 1
    Incline bench
    flat bench
    decline bench

    Back:day 2
    barebell rows
    cable rows
    single arm rows

    Legs: day 3
    leg press
    leg extentions
    leg curls

    Day 4: rest

    Shoulders: day 5
    Millitary Press
    Behind the neck press
    Side Lats
    Bent over Lats
    Cable Lats

    Biceps: Day 6
    Barbell curls
    concentration curls
    preacher curls
    reverse curls
    wrist curls
    roller curls

    Triceps: Day 7
    Close-grip bench
    one-arm stretch
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    I don't think u wrote this very clear, i don't even see a chest workout or a calves exercise in there. I think u should maybe post a new thread so we can clearly tell what u're working out when, and what exercises go on what day. At a glance it looks like u might have some overlap and u might be overtraining some parts,but its kinda hard to tell.
    The key thing is to get out of the gym in an hour or less. Keep your workouts intense and short, u're looking more towards maintaining muscle rather then building it.
    I think most ppl here would agree that 2-3lbs per week is too much and that u will be losing a good hunk of muscle every week. I think Dr. D recommended somewhere that he thought u should lose only about .75 lb a week. Looking at the workout, i think i see 6 day a week split, i don't think that u necessarily need to be in the gym that much while u're cutting, i would even suggest going down to 4 days/week and of course do as much cardio as u need. If u find your weight is "stuck", add in more cardio accordingly and gradually increase it as u progress along your diet.

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    One thing .. I'd train bis & tris together on the same day, 2-3 excercises and keep it around 8 & 10 sets respectively. You could also do a little forearm work on that day. With what you have in your plan, that is just too much for such small muscle groups.


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    What's your training level, bodyweight, ya know... some mo' info brah. Lot's of it can be done in your user profile by completeing the left over fields.

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    Where's the calves and traps?

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    Why is your tricept workout the day before your chest?

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    Why don't you do dumbells instead of bench I feel it works a lot better... Toss bench in once in a while for a change... But I always use dumbells for chest and shoulders..

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