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    In Need Of A Crazy Arm Workout

    i never really worked on my arms on a regular basis
    because i was getting a good response from just my training split
    which is

    Day one:Chest
    Day two:Back
    Day three:Shoulders
    Day Four:Legs
    Day Five: Any body part that is lacking ocassionally i would work on my arms on this day but is rare occurence

    Chest, Back, Shoulders, And legs are changed in order from week to week

    so basically i wanted to know what should i start with
    any suggestions???
    help is greatly appreciated

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    curls for one, dumbell and bar, skull crushes two, well i know those are the most important. Work on forearms also. I know not everyone does but its worth it. Do reverse curl bar starting at 90 degrees and up and back down the 90 degrees.

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    once a month try doing 6-12-25's. Switching between three different bicep exercises and uping your reps taking only a ten second break in between. Days that you don't do that focus on negatives......4 seconds down and 2 seconds up. Also i think Lee Priest has the best idea with doing concentration curls first. The blood seems to get to the muscle alot quicker. Don't neglect your brachials......start going reverse curls, i always do them last but its up to you. Tell me what you think these are just good methods for me

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