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    Please give me some thoughts on a proposed workout change!

    I sent this e-mail to clockworks, but hey, y'all know more than we do, so give us your input...thanks!

    This is our routine now:
    mon - chest
    tue - bis
    wed - shoulders
    thurs - tris
    fri - back
    sat - legs
    sun - off

    We are trying to bulk


    Right now we have 3 WHOLE days dedicated to our arms, and only 1 to legs. I am very serious about maintaining body symmetry, and I don't want chicken legs sprouting out of my hopefully soon-to-be monstrous frame. Along those lines, I think the following changes are in order to gain size:

    Mon - Chest, shoulders - I think that my shoulders get a very strong "half workout" during chest day anyway, like bis on back day, so I think I should just finish it up to have a day of rest on Wed.
    Tue - Bis, Deads, some high-rep calves
    Wed - off
    Thurs - Tri's
    Fri - Back
    Sat - Squats, calves
    Sun - off

    As you can see, the main change here is the movement of shoulders to chest day, which I think is very intuitive and creates a couple advantages: sometimes after wed, my tri's aren't necessarily sore, but fatigues from the presses, thus hindering Thursday's tri day. Also, I think that only having one day off is hindering our growth a little, and possibly overtraining.

    Second, the leg thing…I think they need to be worked out a little more often than what they are getting now. I think putting deads on bi day is good, because holding the heavy-ass bar always hits the very bottom of my bi's a little. Also, the hams should be okay four days later for squats, and the lower back should be okay in time for back, since we focus on upper back usually for back day.


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    How bout:
    Mon: Chest
    Tues: Back
    Weds: Legs
    Thurs Shoulders and traps
    Fri: Bi's and Tri's
    Sat off

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    as strut said, this is a proposed workout for both of us, so i'd like opinions also...=)

    -- clocky baby

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    Well since y'all don't feel like commenting on it, I'm just going to do it anyway, dammit! hehe

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