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    minimal muscle loss? max fat loss??

    What is the best kind of cardio to keep all that hard gained muscle while shedding some excess fat? I am 5 11, 180 lbs. about 12-13% bf. I would like to get down to about 7-8%. Also does the eca stack help keep muscle or just burn fat? Would clen be better then eca?

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    You should do cardio at no more than 70 percent of your maximum heart rate to lower the risk of your body burning muscle for more glycogen stores.

    At 19 your maximum heart rate is about 201. You should do cardio at about 140 beats per minute. An easy way to estimate it is you sweat but can stil talk comfortably.

    As far as a good cardio - one where you can monitor this would be good. A lot of gym cardio equipment today come with heart rate monitors.

    E/C/A has been shown to preserve muscle while losing fat. It increases thermogenesis so your body burns more caloies. It is a mild appetite suppresent. And has diuretic properties - so drink water!

    The choice to you Clen is up to you but many feel the draw backs aren't worth it as compared to it's legal couterpart. What do you do for a living? Clen is more likely to make you too shaky...

    But Clen is slightly more thermogenetic than E/C/A and is best used to take breaks off E/C/A - alternating between the two.
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