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    whats wrong wit me

    im not really fat but i do hav a little on my belly area not much though when i stand up no rolls show and its not very much fat verr little. when i stand up though my gut always sticks out though and i dunno why it looks like im a i little bregnant lol. shit i work my ass of though. why is it like this whats wrong how do i get rid of it crap. plz help.

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    my belly is like that,not much fat but sticks out
    the reason
    i did alot of heavy deads and squats which makes the belly muscles large to support the weight--this can make the waist big and blocky
    also juice can make insides grow giving bigger belly

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    May 2002
    how do i get rid of it

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    I have a stomach like that too...
    if you look at many of the pros (coleman, yates etc.) they have got just the same thing...

    guess you could get rid of it by not doing the heavy lifting (mainly squats and deads as tapout said)

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