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    Calling all runners

    Whats your diet like?
    Where you fat when you started? Are you extremely cut up and do you stay that way? Do you have muscle or is much lost? What is your diet like. Critique mine.

    Check out my diet.
    1 bowl raisin bran with 2%milk (or 1%)

    1 apple

    Peanut butter sandwich on wholewheat

    run 30 mins
    dinner - protein and veggies (olve oil)

    tuna/chicken with mayo and reliish

    Its a runners diet. What do you think

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    i like to run. i read that runnig backwards is good for you. what do you think?

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    running backwards is good for you it works your quads and hip flexors more which both serious runners, and big dan i think that is an alright eating plan for runners but one should try to get more calories from protein and carbs while runnning and gaining weigth, and yes running stunts your muscle growth it take longer to gain but you end up cut and w/ a faster maetabolizm than the avergage joe lifter
    peace dudes

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    I have seen drastic cuts in bodyfat since I began running distance twice weekly. I run 8-12 miles per run and have seen a reduction from 12%-9%, although I attribute this at least as much, if not more, to the swimming. I would seriously reconsider the peanut butter. Before real distance runs I usually eat 8 ounces pasta/4ounces non fat cottage cheese. Afterwards I go heavier on the protien. I have found that you not only reduce bf, but also drastically increase core muscularture by maintaining tension throughout your core the entire time.

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