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    Should i cut out machines?

    Should i stop using machines for dumbell press ?
    i do free weights when i have a spot cause i really try to push myself. What do you guys think of these machines and others...

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    Its best to do free weights when you can.
    Machines are a goldmine for people that cant find a spot or want to worry about pure weight.

    with free weights you have to mind form and be careful.

    so i say get a spot when you can and machine it the rest.

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    just like buddha says
    use free weights when you can and have a spotter
    or if you choose to use free weights you'll have to not max out completely or that can spell trouble
    machines is best if you really wanna up the intensity (when u dont have a spotter)
    using free weights the stablizer muscles are being used but not so much when using machines
    bottom line is when you have a spotter go for free weights
    if not, safer to use the machine instead of having some guy run to you and pick up that barbell off your chest

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