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Thread: Best Workout ?

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    Best Workout ?

    So what do you guys think about workout programs. Do you believe in a Day for Arms (Both Bi's and Tri's) or breaking the Bi's an Tri's apart. Like doing Tri's on Chest day and Bi's on back or shoulder day? I have been doing an entire arm only day for some time now and Im wondering if its a big mistake. Have a workout program that you think is the best and takes account for all the properties of a good program?

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    personally, after about 4 months of hard training, i went to one part a day workouts. arms one day, chest the next, shoulders, then back and finally legs. thats given me the best gains. but not everything works for everyone.

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    I do my bi's, tri's and forearm all one day. It works good for me. Monday is chest, tuesday is bi's, tri's and forearms, wed is shoulders, thursday is back and friday is legs. I dunno if its the best workout, but works great for me.

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    I had my best results when i turned to a 1 body part per day workout plan. In the summer when i have more time, i'll even split the day into 2 parts, for example morning bi's/forearms and pm- triceps.

    My current split is


    I do abs once every 3 workouts. The biggest thing i have learned though is that it matters alot more what u do with your time after the workout rather then the workout itself. Without proper nutrition u will not get the most out of your workouts.

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    one program dont work for everyone
    but in my experience one a days i have seen tremendous results
    especially at this point because i finally have my diet where it should be
    but if your that curious go ahead switch it up a little and see what happens.

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    Pretty much alot of guys here seem like they do one body part a week, remember rest is important to. This way with one body part a week, give the torn muscle time to rest, recover and grow!!!!! If you don't rest you wont' grow!!!
    Now the intensity of your workout is what counts. If your intenstity is high enough, then you won't even want to do more than one major muscle group a week, you will probally be to sore..

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    Looks like this ones already been answered!

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