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    Cool Schedule

    Friday: chestt & triceps Setsx reps
    Bench press 3x 6-9
    Incline dumbell press 3x 6-9
    Flyes 3x 6-9

    Dips 3x 6-9
    Skullcrushers 3x 6-9
    cable pushdowns 3x 6-9

    Sunday: back & abs
    Deadlifts 3x 4-6
    Barbell rows 3x 6-9
    Dumbell rows 3x 6-9
    Pulldowns 3x 6-9

    Weighted decline crunches 4x 25
    reverse crunches 4x 25

    Tuesday: Shoulders & biceps
    Millitary press 3x 6-9
    Side lateral raises 3x 6-9
    Bent over lateral raises 3x 6-9

    Shrugs 3x 8-10

    Barbell curls 3x 6-9
    Preacher curls 3x 6-9
    Dumbell curls 3x 6-9

    Thursday: Legs & calves
    Squats 4x 10-15
    Lunges 3x 8-12
    Romanian deadlifts 3x 8-12
    Leg curls 3x 8-12

    Standing calf raises 3x 12-15
    Seated calf raises 3x 12-15

    This is my workout schedule. I'm bulking what do you think?

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    never saw a program that started on a fri--very interesting

    looks pretty good except why the 10-15 rep range in squats for 4 sets. maybe 1 set in 10-15 then drop to 3 sets in the 5-8 rep range then a last set at 10-12 to rep out. also may bre some week do extra set of squats and cut out lunges

    remember to get big work the basics as your biggest part of training. heavy bench,heavy deads or partial deads and heavy squats.
    do your 4 days per week but fri do bench as big exercise that day and other exercises as helpers. on sun do deads as biggest exercise and on thurs do squats as biggest exercise....this will work all your muscles and make body thicker

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    I think tapout has some good pointers.

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