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    Question On Working Sore Muslces.

    Say the day before, you worked on Biceps and today the're very sore. Now, with all the microtears being repaired, if you were to do Biceps today wouldn't it be easier to cause the microtears to become "larger" covering more area resulting in an eventually bigger bicep?

    I know there is a definite something wrong to doing this, I've never worked a sore body part and don't plan to, but what would happen.

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    Those microtears could turn into TEARS. I would not push it if you were to train a sore muscle...light would be the way ot go. BUt if you train the muscle to failure the session before, there would be no need to train them again. Although I have heard of MIKE MENTZER training a body part 7 days in a row to shock the hell out of it. Everyone is different, give it a try and let us all know how it goes...JUST BE CAREFUL you don't want an injury to sideline you for months.

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    if I'm super sore because I hit it harder than normal, I find a few sets of LIGHT reps can reduce the soreness overall (one I get past the initial pain), but I agree with Steak not to overdo it

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