Could you hit the Diet forum and check out my post , ah hell i will copy it here:

I have been dieting for 7 weeks now. I started at 16.5% bf at 248lbs pretty water bloated too! Anyhow after like 4 or so weeks i dropped to 239lbs and was 15% Bf and lost alot of water bloat in my face and other parts. Well now i am 231lbs and am high 12% BF range and have lost a bit more then when at 239lbs. But i feel like i should be even less. Or should I? I know you wanna lose it kinda slow, but i knwo guys that go around 12 to 15% bf in the off season and need 12 to 16 weeks to get ready for a show. If that were the case for me i would have only 5 to 8 weeks left.

Now i am not in precontest mode. My shows are not until spring. But this is the first time for me doing a BB show. So i am experiminting with diet to see what works. I lost the most weight the first two weeks and from what i understand thats normal. I cannot get below 230lbs. I have been low 230's for 3 weeks now. I have been told "dont look at the scale"! Well i am not except once aweek. I said i am not precontest dieting but maybe i am? I mean according to everyone i speak with my carbs are too low. Or at least lower then theirs. I am nto a small person naturally, so i maintian my old 245lbs with less then 3000 calories a day. BUt here is a run down after 7 weeks of dieting that i think seems to work for me

Now my daily diet is different , structered , and calculated to the very last gram. MOnday i eat 365g protein, and 225g of carbs, fat 40g or so.
By Sat i am at 415g proteinl and 50g carbs. Fat same. I drop 25g a day of carbs through the week. Sunday i carb up. A typical mid week, day low carbs but not lowest looks like this:

730 meal 1 After cardio and calves and abs (workout on empty stomach) Protein drink 22g p

meal 2 8:45 2 chicken breasts (8oz) 35g p
3 eggwhites, 1 whole 17g p
1/4 c grits 30g c

meal 3 11am 7 oz eye o round 45g p
1/2 c rice 36g c

meal 4 1:30 can tuna 33g p
7 triskets 21g c
protein drink 22g p

preworkout 3:30 protein drink 22g protein
oatmeal 26g carbs

postworkout protein drink 66g p
mixed with powerade 40gc

meal 5 730 pm 9oz fish 45g p
protein drink 22g p

meal 6 can tuna 33g p
protein drink 22g p

Total day was 385g p, 153g carbs, fat around 40g.

Anyway this a mid week day add carbs for the beggining, and drop some for the end. I am pretty far out so i am not in an emergency mode! But the one thing that has me the slightest bit nervous is getting down to where i need to be. And of course i do not have a clue of what that will be. I was thinking betweem 210 and 198. I dont care really as long as i am shredded!!

For those that dont knwo me hearing me say this isnt normal. I am into size and strength!! I have several state and National bench titles and am sidelined with an injury so that is why i am trying this. My stats are
28yrs old male
height 5'9 inches
weight 231lbs
Bf high 12%
arms 19" cold
chest 51
legs was 30 now mid 29's"!!
waist measure with tape at 35inches
calves 18 inches

Progress is good, great actually! I can see all my abs and obliques. Just have pocket in the lower area, and sides. Barely any fat below waist. My legs have splits and striations. I also noticed from a video that i need to lose it in my side chest. Anyway sorry for the long book but i wanna get feedback from ya'll who have done some serious dieting.

One more thing i do cardio, abs, n calves MON, WED, Fri, in the morning. I hit the weights MON Tues, Thurs, Fri in late afternoon. Cardio is about 30 minutes long. Thanks!