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    Need Help!" Biceptal Tendonitus"

    I done my first cycle of roids last summer. At the end of the cycle I pulled my bicep/forearm tendon doing hammer curls. Its been 6 months and I still cant do curls with more than 15 lbs without extreme burning pain.
    My MRI test this week showed chronic biceptal tendonitus! I've not been doing curls but Ive stuck with mt back work. I aslo do extra reverse latpulldowns to try and maintain my bicep muscles. Am I keeping it irritated doing pulldowns. What do I need to do? Its been 6 months and my arms have shrunk almost an inch. I need sound advice form those whove been there! THANKS

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    hey man i got tendonitus in my wrist and i have completely stopped all upper body excersises and its been a month and it still hurts, get some anit inflamitories they help

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    When it comes to tendonitus, the only thing that works is plenty of rest (recovery time), ice, ant-inflammotory. It took me a long, long time to somewhat recover from tendonitus in my knees. Know it flares up every once in a while.

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