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    Arrow Lookin for advice!

    Well, Ive decided to post my workouts here for you all in hopes that you can help me adjust it. Basically, Im tryin to bulk, i eat about 200g or so of protein a day, take Cell tech, and im 20 years old, weigh 170 and am 5'11''. I dont know how many calories a day i eat, and i eat about 5 times a day.

    currently i do 4 sets per exercise; ususally with 10,8,6,6, reps.

    Day 1 - Chest
    bench press w/ bar (10,8,6,6)
    incline w/ dumbbells (10,8,6,6)
    decline flys (10,8,6,6)
    weighted dips (10,10,10,10)

    Day 2 - Shoulders and Back
    Deadlifts (10,8,6,6)
    Military Press w/ dumbbells (10,8,6,6)
    T-bar rows (10,8,6,6)
    Shrugs on Smith Machine (10,8,6,6)
    Lat Pulldowns (10,8,6,6)

    Day 3 - off

    Day 4 - Legs
    Squats (10,8,8,6)
    Leg Press (10,8,8,6)
    Calf raises w/smith machine + box to stand on (10,10,10)
    Leg extensions (10,8,8,6) SUPER SET
    Hamstring curls (10,8,8,6) SUPER SET
    Seated Calf raised (10,10,10)

    Day 5 - Arms
    Close Grip Bench Press (10,8,6,6)
    Curls w/ dumbbells (10,8,6,6)
    Skull Crushers (10,8,6,6)
    Curls w/ two cables (10,8,6,6)
    Tricep pushdowns (10,8,6,6)

    And thats it. I am wondering if you guys think i should add in another set or not. Also, my chest is really falling behind. I want to change my chest workout but am not sure how. And the same goes for my arms too Im also willing to add a day to my routine if needs be.

    thank you

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    Too much volume in my opinion. You need to write down how many calories you eat and find your maintenance level then add 500 to that. As far as your workout goes, I wouldn't train shoulders the day after chest as your front delts get hit hard during chest. ou are working out your triceps 3 times a week which I think is too much, you aren't giving enough time for your muscles to grow. If you wanna get big you gotta lift heavy, in my opinion 4-6 rep range is ideal. Me personally, I do 8-10 sets of chest and back- 6 sets for biceps and triceps and shoulders, 12-14 sets for legs. Here is my split

    Day 1:Chest/Bis
    Day 2:Legs
    Day 3:Rest
    Day 4:Shoulders/Tris
    Day 5:Back/Traps/Rear Delts
    Day 6:Rest
    Day 7:Rest or Repeat

    I throw abs on leg and back days, about 4-6 sets staying in the 4-6 rep range.

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    thanks bro!

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