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    My diet, picture and workout

    Hello everybody I am looking for some advice on what I can do to get my body fat down and to get the cuts.

    If any body could share a diet plan and a workout that would be awsome. Also I am going to do this all natural due to the fact that I am only 19. I am 6'4 and weight in at around 205. Please give any advice and tips thank you.
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    Your b/f isn't even that high to begin with and at 19 all you need to do is get on a low carb - high protein diet for 8 weeks along w/ cardio 5 days a week in the morning on an empty stomach preferably.
    At your age that b/f should drop quick.
    Also you might wanna use some Hydroxycut or Xenadrine to help you along the way.

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    To begin with bro IMO just add cardio don't restrict Kcal intake (i.e reduce carbs) you will notice progress, take less time resting between sets and stop any junk food, once the diet is clean and the cv has been increased to 3/4 sessions of 45mins and subject to reduced fatloss then decrease carbs start by decreasing by 50g ED and reduce every two weeks if necessary.

    Start CV after your weights, you will be carb depleted so thats also agood time to do it, leave ECA for the short term, once you feel fatloss is slowling switch to early morning cv and add the eca 30 mins before hand. This will have you ripped.

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