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    Going to the bathroom after working out

    Since I started running my bowel has been going crazy on me. I go in the mornings, in the afternoon and maybe at night sometimes.
    I eat fiber. And I jog 35 mins a day. Is this normal?

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    On my scheduled lifting days i hit the bathroom for both varieties far more frequently, but I attribute it largely to the fact that my water intake is doubled on workout days to 2 gallons and my protein is upped to 350 grams or so...much of the extra through whey...other than that, i've not heard much about a workout itself of any kind inducing that type of reaction.

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    Obviously fiber will do it - it's not digestable and scrapes you clean. Also, if you drink any thermogenic drinks, they often contain a hefty dose of niacin which could also lead to a revisit to the throne.

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