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    Post starting all over again....

    Hi, I have been "inactive" from training now in 6 months... this has resulted in alot of fat-gains... now im gonna start train again, and i want to get rid of the fat while im gaining in strength and muscle-mass, now over to my question.. Is this combinable??..
    I was thinking about like go in for a workout at the gym with ordinary
    muscle scheduele as i always do, but put on a 40 min bicycle ride after the training or so.. and a short warmup(very short) before the workout.

    now i was woundering if this bicycle thingy can jeopordize my trainingresults in some strange way, like it start to break down my muscles or something like that... all i want is just to get my fat burning...... while i raise my strength as usual.

    worth mentioning is that I am not on any kind of AAS,
    I am 20 years old, dont think i need to take advantage of those things yet, alot of food, sleep and protein-shakes + creatine is the only thing
    for me atm.
    although i am seriously considering testosterone entanthane to boost up the effect.

    regards... if you have an ultimate scheduele, you can post it aswell, but
    I believe i have it pretty much covered, but it is this fat-burning thingy im not very used to..

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    try splitting up the periods that you do cardio and weight training. i prefer to do some cardio in the morning (i do mine after breakfast, b/c i almost puked when i did it before) and weights in the afternoon / evening. on my off days, i'll just wait til the afternoon / evening to do my cardio and maybe do some forearms / abs.

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    Dude, Test Enan is a steroid ! And your right, you don't need to be doing that just yet.
    Do your cardio first thing in the morning BEFORE breakfast (Keymastur you pussy) or 20 mins after your workout.Anymore than that will eat into your muscle.

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    Well I don't know about the name calling but in KeyMastur"s defense, some people's stomachs can't handle eating right after being stressed or handle stress on an empty stomach. ( I think I worded that right.) As for wanttobe's question, I agree with Keymastur about splitting your cardio and workout up.

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