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    Switching from 5/wk to 4/wk workouts

    Due to some circumstances beyond my control I am only going to have time to work out 4 times a week (even that is pushing it but I will make it happen). I need some opinions on how you all would set up this program.

    Right now it looks like this:
    Day 1- Chest, abs
    Day 2- Back, light bi's
    Day 3- Shoulders, light tris, abs
    Day 4- legs
    Day 5- bi's and tri's (and abs sometimes)

    I'm trying to decide what to change up. I was thinking I could do heavy bi's and tri's on day 2 and 3, or just put them in with shoulders on day 3. I would rather be able to hit them really hard without worry about them being fatigued from other exercises though. I could split legs up and do say quads and hams on one of the upper body days and calves on another and leave arms as there own day. I'm torn as to which way would be best. Any input you all can give me would be greatly appreciated, I have to switch over next week.

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    Why not just put back/tri's and chest/bi's. You could switch it to tri's/chest and bi's/back, but you'd be weaker on whichever u worked out second due to pre-exhaustion. Forget about light days. In my opinion you should just train to absolute failure and allow time to heal. Or combine light and heavy exercises in the same workout. I got some good results with back/tri's and chest/bi's.

    Just my opinion though.

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    You could do what willpharmd mentioned, but remember u can't do back/tri and chest/bi on back to back days or else it would be overtraining. There is no point in going light ever though, have to go full intensity the full time.

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    Hey bro....4 days a week in my opinion is better. I recently switched to a 4 day a week routine instead of 5 or 6 and the results have been impressive to say the least. Always remember that you grown OUT of the gym and not in it, recovery time is very important for muscle growth. I knocked a day out of my workout split and now I know for a fact that I was new split:

    Monday: chest/shoulder
    Tuesday: back (i always do back and legs the day before a rest day as they are the most taxing on my body)
    Wednesday: OFF (cardio on cutting phases)
    Thursday: bis/tris
    Friday: legs

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