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Thread: Poor Symmetry

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    Poor Symmetry

    I have this major problem that I have been trying to fix for what seems like forever now and I've become so frusterated that I don't even enjoy working out anymore. The problem is the left side of my body is perfect but the right side of my upper body is misshapen because for some reason my rear delt on the right side is practically nonexistent. Therefore it causes me to use a different angle and range of motion than I do with my left side and has caused my right delt, pec and tricep to become mishapen and far smaller than my left side. It is terribly frusterating because the more I train the more out of balance my body gets. And please understand that I'm not just talking about my left side grows faster but it is shaped totally different. For example: My left pec is full and shaped perfectly but my right one is half the size and has no development in the lower region. It just looks awful. Has anyone ever heard of this happening to anyone else before? Is there anyway to fix it? If so, could you PLEASE help me. Thanks, lat

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    try using dumbells in your workout routine
    so you can emphasize more on the underdeveloped side
    work with dumbells until your other side has a chance to catch up

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    Like Yung Wun said, dumbbells. Maybe throw in some extra sets for your weak side. For example, my left calf is slightly smaller than my right, so I do an extra set of one legged calf raises for my left side.

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    I hear you brother! I have this problem too, but its better now than it used too be. My right pec was small and "narrow", while my left was big and well developed. Same with my bi´s. My right Bi is smaller and shorter than my left. The strenght is the same tho? And my left trapesiuz has a "cut" in it so it looks like two muscles! I think it will look much better themmore mass you put on there! Dont give up for the love of god!

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    I think you should see a physiotherapist. The possibility that you have a nervous system prob that limits one side of the body's motor development. Do you know that only the deltoid is not functioning properly and it is affecting the rest of your training or are the other muscles on the one side not functioning properly as well. Bottom line is you need a professional diagnosis.
    I have an extremely weak inner quad( vastius medialis )muscle that my doc believes was the result result of blunt trauma to the knee causing a minor nerve injury. Looks like I got the worst of that head meets knee exchange.

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