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    cutting workout...

    ok I am starting my 9th weeek of my 12 week cycle....

    here is m complete cycle:
    week 1-10 500mgs of test
    week 1-5 dbol 25 mgs a day
    week 9-12 winny tabs 50mgs a day

    nowI am starting week 9 (today)....

    and for the 1st 8 weeks I have been doing a bulking routine when working out...
    my question is...
    should I continue this heavy routine now that I have started the winny?

    or should I change it up to more of a cutting maintaince routine??
    if so wha rountine do u suggest??

    ps- I have been following bigkevs routine...


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    I'dstick with what you've been doing. If anything stay heavy on your main lifts and increase reps on your secondary lifts.

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    Theres no such thing as a cutting cycle. Continue lifting as heavy as possible even when cutting, cutting is your diet not your routine.
    OK for instance, if you can bench 315 for 6-8 reps and you decided to go "on a cutting routine" where you go 10-12 reps, you will have to decrease weight to say 275 for 10-12 reps. Your body will then adjust to that and as a result you will get weaker.

    Is it possible to lose fat and gain muscle, yes but very very difficult.

    Is it possible to lose fat and gain strength, yes very possible, just gotta count your calories and macros.

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    thanks guys

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