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    My workout, Comments/suggestions welcome

    Still pretty new to this board thought I'd post my specs, and my workout see if you guys have any tips for me.
    Specs: 5'11" 180lbs 18%bf 20yrs old.

    Current Workout
    Mon. Off
    Tues. Legs: Leg Extensions, leg curls, leg press, jog/run 20mins
    Wed: Off
    Thurs: Chest/Arms: I do incline/decline/standard dumbell presses, 3 sets 8 reps each, with as many pushups between. ie. 8 standard dumbell presses, I do as many decline pushups, Active Rest so I've heard. Alot of Concentrated Curls, alternating curls with low weight high reps, and a few tricep exercises, skull crushers and one were you stand and push bar down.
    Fri. Off
    Sat. Abs and back. Open to suggestions especially on this one, so far I'm doing standard crunches, what should i do to get the abs defined. and what are some great back muscle workouts, currently I just do lat pull downs and one were you sit down, sit straight, and pull the bar towards you, pinching your shoulder blades.

    Thats my current workout, please through in some comments, wanting to get the most out of my workouts, do you guys have any tips on cardio before workout? Picked me up some ripfuel, gonna try to shed off some excess fat. Better to do all my cardio before my weight trainning?

    And If I add Winny to the mix, should I keep the same workout? alter it?

    Thanks, Any and All comments welcome.

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    I don't like your split at all. Your not doing enough in some area's I'm sure. You should try getting yourself on a steady program, and write everything down that you do. Plus your not doing shoulders at all.
    If you're trying to get rid of some fat you need to do more cardio and get yourself on a good diet. You should do cardio 4-5 days a week for 40 mins in the morning if possible, and change your split around.
    You can try something like:
    Mon: Chest/ Back Super set
    Tues: Legs
    Weds abs
    Thurs: Shoulders and traps
    Fri: bi's and tri's Super set them.

    That's just a rough draft. You can change the split if you want. And the reason I'm telling you to do super sets is becuz IMO super setting is better for cutting, and it seems that's what your trying to do.
    If you're going to add mass then do just one body part a day...

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