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Thread: Huge Legs

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    Huge Legs

    ok... i got tree trunks
    my legs are huge... i used to squat alot and my ass and thighs r toooo big...
    is not squatting going to prevent my upper body from reaching its potential???
    does anyone have any theories on how to lose weight specifically in my legs???
    i am an ex football player about 235lbs built decent but sloft stomach and decent amount of fat on the legs and ass with substantial muscle...
    help me shrink my legs and maintain muscle elsewhere

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    Lose the fat and keep squatting. I have a feeling they are big because you have a lot of fat around them.

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    I would add cardio into your workout, if you are not currently do it. I would ride a bike b/c to me that would concentrate more on your legs than your upper body, but if you want to trim your overall fat i would jog/run.

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    Cardio, diet, and yes keep squating.

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