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    Question working out and boxing ?

    hey what happens if u work and do boxing at the same time like working ( 5days wk) and boxing for an hr like 2-3 times a wek?) is it good or is this too much for the body?

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    I do something similar. I donít think itís too much, if youíre trying to cut up. If youíre trying to bulk up then you should cut out some of the boxing, maybe all of it. I just finished a cycle and I did no boxing, gained 20 lbs of muscle. Iím currently in a cutting program where I box 3 days a week for an hour and cycle the other two days for an hour. Iíve lost eight pounds in 4 weeks without losing any muscle so far.

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    Boxing is great for cardio.......should'nt hurt.

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    yeah, i implement boxing too. Heavy bag. I see know problem unless you are strictly going for mass u may run into a problem with the extra cardio. I use boxing not only for fun but it is great after a shoulder workout if your progress is lagging. I find it really picks it up. It is also great for the cardio. I shouldnt be too much for the body as long as the rest of your workout is set up properly and your nutrition is on. For example, I see some people go on marathon workout sessions of hours, then ya want to hit the bag? Not smart in my opinion. If you are training right with enough rest between sets, bodyparts, etc. I dont see a problem. Have fun

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    i do that too
    just like how some of theses brothers said
    juss make sure you space everything out a little
    and if you want to bulk i wouldnt go too crazy on the bag
    but if not juss do your thing

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    They had an article on frank shamrock at It wasn't too specific but he does have a book i think. It would probably be a good read for a fellow fighter. He sounds like he's got a pretty good system, he combines fighting, cardio, weightlifting, and plyometrics.

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