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    Best way to put on mass

    Alright dudes, help me out here. I am just getting back into lifting after a long track season with no chance of lifting. My main concern is the chest and the shoulders. But my question is what is the best way to put mass onto those places, not really concerned about strength at this time. Higher reps like 10-12 until total muscle fatigue or lower reps like 6-8 until failure?

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    Everyone is gonna tell you something different, its just something you need to figure out for yourself, just gotta be open to new things. Even when you do find what works best, then you have to change it cuz you've hit a plateau and you will need to find a new way to shock your muscles.

    The one thing i'm not sure about is why you want to concentrate on chest and shoulders so much. To me, it seems like those would be 2 of the last bodyparts to help in track.

    Well anyways, the one thing everyone will agree with, is that the best mass builders are the big compound exercises.

    For chest- Any type of press, namely, incline,flat,decline

    For shoulders- DB shoulder press, Arnold's, Military Press, Lateral Raise, Upright Rows, stay away from behind the back presses.

    Don't forget the rear delts either, for these reverse pec dec or bentover raises.

    The last thing and most important thing is protein. I know so many track runners that run all day, but when it comes to diet, i see them pretty much eating shit. You may not need huge doses of protein after running, but you will after your weight workouts. If you don't take in any whey protein, thats fine but it means you have to eat smarter, make sure you get around 60g of protein postworkout meal. Not only that, but make sure you're eating several meals through out the day, and you get in at least 40g of protein every meal.

    In actuality, protein is the true mass builder.

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    Thanx saboudian. The reason why i picked chest and shoulders is because those are the two i'd like to see grow the most. I appreciate your help bud.

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