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    Cool Critical view of my workout.

    I've been on and off with body building over the last few years. Always going well and then I get side tracked in one way or another. I've tried juice and got some great results, however they didn't exceed the side effects. Now I'm going 100% natural with the added extra of protien, <a href="" target="_blank">glutamine</a> and maybe <a href="" target="_blank">creatine</a> (so natural may not be the word).

    Anyway check out my workout and see what you think. All comments are welcome good or bad.

    Monday- Kick boxing class, Mainly cardio (endurance and stamina)

    Tuesday- Chest (flat press, machine fly, cables)
    Shoulders (military press, laterals, partial laterals, front raise)

    Wednesday- Quads (squats, leg press, leg extension)

    Thursday- Off (possible 30 min cardio session)

    Friday- Back (lateral pull, bent over row, seated row)
    Biceps and Triceps (barbell curl, hammer curl, skull crusher/push down, kick back, cables super set)

    Saturday- Hamstrings (stiff legged deadlift, leg curl)
    Calves (standing calf press, seated calf press)

    Sunday- Off

    I do 4-5 sets of the compound exercises such as bench press and 3 sets of all the others. Working towards a rep range of 4-6.
    My aim is to lower body fat and build lean mass.

    Let me have it.

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    C'mon guys I don't believe no one has anything to say.
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    I thought I commented on this one......well any way, I'd switch on Tuesday, back with either shoulders or chest. Don't do a push, push. You want a push, pull if you are going to do 2 body parts. That and I wouldn't break up legs. Do the whole thing in one day, preferably in the middle of the week to give your upper body a slight rest. Maybe this
    Mon- kickboxing
    Thur- off
    Fri- Chest
    Sat- bi's/tri's
    Just something different

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    I agree

    I agree with Big Texan, but with a little variation:
    Monday- Kickboxing
    Tuesday- Back/shoulders
    Wed.- off
    thurs.- chest
    friday- legs
    sat- bi's/tri's
    sunday- off

    this allows time for your tri's to rest after your chest workout, and for your bi's to rest after your back workout, I've found that if i work chest and tri's together or too close together I'm just tearing them down too far for them to repair themselve before my next session.......same goes for back and bi's. But I'd also recommend changing this routine after about 6-10 weeks to keep your body on it's toes. and here we go again........Isn't this shit fun....

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