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    Prioritizing Arms W/O Overtraining, and misc..

    Hey all. Been lurking since i started hitting the gym and getting my diet back on track a few weeks ago and this is my first post. I'll try to get some pics up soon since I know a pic does say 1000 words, but here's the basic stats:
    6'0", 190lbs
    Chest is 43"
    Waist is 36" (I definitely need to get leaner)
    Arms are 14"
    forearms are 12.5"
    wrists are like, 6.75"

    I feel that based on how i look (which i know you can't see... )
    and my measurements, I have a relatively solid, thick torso, but I have very fine bones. I'm not real skinny, my shoulders are relatively broad, etc, but my bones are just skinny, so they need a ton of muscle to look decent.

    I'm not looking to compete or anything, ultimate goal is to ditch about maybe 10lbs of bodyfat and add oh 30lbs of muscle (I'm not looking for that to happen soon).

    So anyways, how do i prioritize my arms, without overtraining them since they get used for back and bis as well? And good splits for someone still in the "beginner" stages?

    My split looks like this:

    Mon: Cardio and Back
    Tues: Cardio and Shoulders/tris
    Wed: Rest
    Thurs: Legs
    Fri: Cardio and Chest/Bi

    I can post back if you guys want the specific excercises/reps. this is long already...

    Diet is just 6x day, lots of eggs and chicken and steak, moderate carbs, whey protien and Flax oil, multivitamin. Trying to drink lots of water (find this part the toughest). I don't really count claories, I just eats as much clean food as I can. Even though i've collected some fat due to sitting at a desk all dya eating wendy's and drinking pepsi, i'm primarily ectomorphic
    and don't have a super hard time sheeding fat.
    Any thoughts?

    Thanks so much! This board rocks!
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    Why dont you cut all the fast food crap and start counting your calories first and foremost....

    Your split looks good, if you wanna gain some size and bulk I would cut cardio to once a week, maybe twice, no more than 20-30 minutes...
    The core of your lifts should be revolved around compound lifts...

    By looking at your stats, yeah I'd say your arms are VERY small compared to your body....I'm 5'8 160lbs and my arms are bigger...but anyway:


    Arguably, in that order....

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    Thanks yellow!

    The fast food was before when i wasn't lifting, sorry that was misleading- I've been avoiding now except the odd cheat day. Generally my fast food intake goes no further than subway which even then, I try to avoid simple cabrs at all costs except postworkout.
    I've adding a bowl of oatmeal with milk along with what was just a shake w/ flax oil before. Also just adding more milk in general as my body seems to tolerate it and it's an easy one to sorta "adjust" calorie intake with.
    Less than 100g per day of carbs and all I can think about it food, even if protein is up around 250g and fat around oh 125 due to the flax oil and cheese mainly... so.. really... i guess I do count calories just never noticed. lol. I also found the more I eat, the more I want to eat, of everything. Weird...
    And ya i'm finding I'm toast with less thatn 10hrs of sleep per night, although this is a tough one...

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    Whats up bro it only takes one direct hit to the bis per week to get them growing and thats it.I would like you to try something this added a alot of size to my arms not that Iam big but I went from 14inch to 171/4
    within 1yr and a half without any kind of juice .Also I got one of my employees on this and he added 3/4inch to his arm in a week in a half and hes growing stronger from workout to work out .You will need a partner to help with this and your total arm work out should only last about 7 to 12 min and thats it .I would like to note that this is very hard work and its gona hurt also this is something that has worked for me you may see differant results .

    Make sure to spend a very little time warming up just enough to get some blood going to those bis.

    Preacher curls 1x6 plus three forced reps and I mean froced reps tell your partner to give the least amount of help just enough to get those last three reps past your 6th.

    rest must be short like 40-60sec add about 30 percent to the bar
    and do a set of static holds
    1x to complete failure .So after you get the bar loaded have your partner help you lift the bar to the contracted position and hold the f out of the bar until you cant hold no more and then when you cant hold no more your partner makes you hold it untill you are about to drop it.
    Now when holding the bar you must be squezing your bis to the max if you hold the bar to high it will take the pressure off and you wont gain anything so hold the bar about 3/4 of the up from the starting position.

    Finish off this with a set of negitives

    1x6 neg

    The way you do the neg is to have your partner bring the bar up to the top and slowly bring the bar down make sure to resist as hard as you can and make sure you got some who pays attition becouse you can get f up doing this .

    Only do this one time a week and that is it maybe even longer 7-10 days .

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    Sorry bro forgot those tri's

    French press 1x6 plus 3forced

    supperset close grip bench 1x6 plus 3 forced reps

    cable pressdowns 1x6 make sure to contract the piss out of those things
    hope this helps I know it will if done right

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