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    lower back pain today during workout

    today was my leg day and i felt some pressure in my lower back...after doing free squats i went to do some more quad work on the leg press. when i stood up i felt a little twanging pain in my lower back, and it tweaked for the rest of my routine. when i got in the shower it went away, however is this little tweak the sign of potential future problems? this is the first time it happened and while wearing a belt, so any advice is appreciated. btw, im on a cycle of fina 75 mg/day and test 500 mg/wk.

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    straining real hard during legs tends to leave my lower back a little tight. just stretch out your hamstrings in between sets, and as much as you can when you're not lifting. that should help to loosen up things a little.

    possibly ice after you've lifted.

    also, make sure you're warming up properly (bike or something) and stretching your low back before workouts.

    you could also start doing some low back exercises on the physio ball.

    but remember - the core works as a whole unit - so work both the abs & the lower back and try to get them stronger.

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