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    3X25...Does this sound like a sound workout scheme...It doesnt to me

    I always notice this one jacked guy at my gym. Everytime I see him working out its always slow and long sets. Finally I saw him around campus and asked him his regiman. He told me he does 3 sets of 25 on everything he does. It "builds more and healthy muscles while being more safe for your muscles." I asked him what about Low reps high weight but he said he felt like it was dangerous for your muscles. He said once he went to 3 X 25 he went from 3 plates on bench for reps to 4 plates for reps and added a 100 lbs to his squats too. What do you guys think?

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    different strokes for different folks basically ........

    there are bodybuilders that do things like he is ....... hell, Bill Kazmier (old US strongman) used to do "low rep sets" that were in the 15-20 range, so just imagine what a high rep set would have been for him ....

    while you can proove that certain reps and sets are better designed for specific output (i.e. - power or endurance or shape) none of them have really prooven better than the other for strength .....

    as long as you are being progressive and applying some kind of overload then I feel justa bout any comboniation of reps and sets can produce

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