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    Running on a treadmill or street?

    My real question is does it make a diffrence, Prob not, I noticed on a treadmill its easier on my knees, But i enjoy the streets and my dog MUCH BETTER! Anyone agree?

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    I'd much rather run outside than inside on a stupid *%*%*&*& treadmill, but even on the grassy areas it's not so great for your shins and knee joint .... a treadmill isn't much better, but those that can be adjusted for weight do help somewhat ....

    personally, I do cardio within my workout (by design, with the reps and rest time) and then use the eliptical afterwards .... feels kinda dorky but it doesn't kill your joints and bones like normal running does, and is just as effective if you pay attention to you HR

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    Do you have any schools or other places with an outside track - softer then asphault. I agree - treadmills suck when compared to running outdoors... especially if you are trying to excersie a pet... perhaps you can put your dog on a family membership plan

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    I actually prefer treadmills. I just like the way they feel better. O Well


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    I think treadmills are a bit easier, I would stick with outside if possible, a little more variety too. I used to love running around Boston, now that I moved to a suburb it's much less interesting running around outside =/

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