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Thread: Bicep Question

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    Bicep Question

    I haven't really had much problem growing my biceps, except for the fact my bicep is growing on the inner part of my arm, closest to my body. I was wondering what exercises and/or grips will help improve the outter part of my bicep, especially near the delt region. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions that are provided.

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    For outer bi's use a closer grip on all your bar exercises. As well as seated or standing dumbell hammer curls work very well also, remember to keep your arm firm against your side and concentrate on the contraction at the top of the movement. As far as building the bicep towards the delt, its really pre-determined by genetics. But, the bigger your biceps are on both heads the "fuller" they will appear.

    Hope this helps,


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    Farmer is dead on close grip is what you are looking for...just to add to that..keep you elbows stationary. You arms are simply hooks holding on to the bar. Let you bis to the work. What I do is act like I have a pin going through my elbows holding them there. THis seems to work.

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    do reverse grip work as well ........

    need to work the brachialis and brachioradialis ....

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