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    can i add dips?"

    Hey well i wana start changing my routins like "week A" do one routine then "week B" do another totally different right, thats alright isnt it? , if i do three exercises of triceps with three sets each should i add the 2 or 3 sets of dips for both weeks, so ill be doing 11-12 total sets or should i mix those up also ?

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    Mixing up is the key once you get to a certain point. As for adding dips to the workout, of course you can add them if you feel like it won't be overtraining. Do it for a few weeks and see how you feel with them. Then re-evaluate your workouts. And yes you should mix them up even if you decide to keep them after the trial point. Well this depends on your level of development, if you are beginer then don't worry about switching up your workouts (you will be able to grow doing anything) worry about learning the forms and what exercises work for you and what don't. If you are a little more advanced, start putting more effort into changing up the workouts to break the barriers of no growth.


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