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    How long to see results (chest)...

    I recently put a thread up for advice on increasing chest mass. I have had a lot of good input and now I'm in the process of re-training my chest to perform the exercises with correct form. Since I'm basically starting from the beginning again, I was wondering how long it would take before I see some gains. I am planning on doing dumbells presses, instead of barbell in order to stay away from my overpowering shoulders. Also, does anyone have any other info/suggestions for my dumbell workouts that will help my chest grow mass??? Thanks!!!

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    I perfer to make sure I get 2 pressing movements and 2 fly movements in my chest workout. I stick with a rep range around 6-10 and use excellent form. I usually notice changes every 4-5 weeks. Be patient and make sure you are not going to heavy so that it messes with your form.

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    What hercules said plus, add dips.

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    When doing d/b presses make sure you stretch the pecs out completely at the bottom of the movement.That is the real advantage that d/b presses offer over bb presses IMO.Besides it is harder to cheat.

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