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Thread: workout help

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    workout help

    what's up bro's. i'm looking for a workout program that will work! i'm not all that inventive so switching things up to shock body parts is difficult. anyone willing to share their program? also, because of bad knees deadlifts and squats are difficult. i substitute leg presses for squats. is this okay or no? any suggestions on other excercises to help?

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    Well I am on this new routine, which by most people's standards is overtraining. But here is the split I used to use and will probably go back to it at some point:

    Day 1 Chest/Bis
    Day 2 Legs
    Day 3 Off
    Day 4 Shoulder/Tris
    Day 5 Back/Traps/Rear Delts
    Day 6 Off
    Day 7 Off or Repeat

    You can also use a 3 day split

    Day 1 Pull(Back, Bis)
    Day 2 Off
    Day 3 Push(Chest/Shoulders/Tris)
    Day 4 Off
    Day 5 Legs
    Day 6/7 Off

    Some of the people on this board use a 5 day split, something like:

    Day 1 Chest
    Day 2 Back
    Day 3 Legs
    Day 4 SHoulders
    Day 5 Arms
    Day 6/7Off

    Here is what I do now as a shock type workout. I have been only training for 1.5 years and I'm young, so I recover quicker than a more matured person.

    Day 1 Push
    Day 2 Pull
    Day 3 Legs

    Well nothing can replace squats and deads, but the next best thing would be leg press I suppose. Better than nothing.

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