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Thread: Routine

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    Maandag: Borst & biceps
    Bench press 4x 6-8
    incline dumbell press 3x 6-8
    flat bench dumbell flyes 3x 6-9

    barbell curls 3x 6-9
    alternate dumbell curls 3x 6-9
    preacher curls (EZ-bar) 3x 6-9

    Dinsdag: Quadriceps, hamstrings, kuiten
    Squats 4x 8-12
    leg extensions 3x 8-12

    Romanian deadlifts 4x 8-12
    leg curls 3x 8-12

    standing calf raises 3x 12-15
    seated calf raises 3x 12-15

    Woensdag: rust

    Donderdag: schouders & triceps
    Seated millitary presses 3x 6-98
    lateral dumbell raises 3x 6-9
    reverse pec-deck flye 3x 6-9
    dumbell frontraises 3x 6-9

    shrugs 3x 6-10

    Skullcrushers 3x 6-9
    cable pushdowns 3x 6-9
    Dips 3x 6-9

    Vrijdag: Rug & Buik
    Barbell rows 3x 6-9
    Deadlifts 4x 6-9
    pulldowns wide grip 4x 6-9
    Seated cable rows 3x 6-9

    Nautilus crunches 4x15
    leg raises 3x 20

    What do you think of this routine?

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    Choice of excercises are excellent! Got the big 3 in there and got as much free weights in there for the most part. Expect to see some great gains!

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    Looks good to me.

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