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    60 Seconds to increased hypertrophy

    i was reading some post and came across this
    60 seconds between sets for muscular gains
    is there truth to this?
    i thought going heavy was key to adding mass
    and by going heavy for me i need more than 60 seconds to recover
    and do my next grueling set
    so my next question is if the latter is correct does this mean that going heavy for each set is not necessary
    cause theres no way for me to life the same amount of weight and do the same amount of reps
    so in a sense it would be like doing a drop set
    does anyone have any comments on this

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    I've always been under the impression that for cutting or defenition 30 seconds to 1 minute rest, for size and strength you need anywhere from 2 minutes or more between sets. I know my legs have been getting crazy size and strength recently and hell sometimes I have to rest for 5-7 minutes between sets. Other than that I keep it at 2 minutes between sets.

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    I usually cycle my rest periods. I have been going with 60 seconds for about a month and loving it. Getting some more size than normal. When I rest for longer periods my strength goes up more than my size.


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    This is strictly my opinion but if I were only going to rest one minute between sets I would super set using opposite exercises. For example if you were doing bench press I would super set with rows. You would do a set of bench, rest 1 min, do a set of rows, rest 1 min, do a set of bench, etc. Otherwise I would just rest 2 min between sets.

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