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    difference between bar behind and infront of body for shrugs

    Hey i was at the gym today and i was wondering when u do shrugs with the bar behind you , if it work a different part of yuor traps , my traps are a good size as of now , but i want the peak at the top and i want them to show more and the back, should i do in front and in back to get that ? oh and also how is doin shrugs on the smith machine , or is it better free weighted?

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    I believe its personal preference. I do dumbbells and look down while I do shrugs, seems to gimme some nice size traps...

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    Ya, like Yellow said, I think its just personal preference.

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    Well, Yellow is right I think, it is more of a personal preference thing. I like dumbbells myself but my gym only goes up to 100lb (I know I have complained about this for the past 4 years) But they recently bought a shrug machine that has handles in that position so I am in heaven. As far as infront or inback, I can get a better grip in the front so I do it that way.. I have tried the back and they feel a little akward, so I stay away from them. The smith machine will keep you in a un-natural range of motion but the range of motion for traps is not that large so it probably won't matter that much. That is my .02


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