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    Is it ok to switch cardio machines?

    I jog at home for cardio on my off gym nights, but on my gym nights I like to do like 15 min. of running on the tread mill, then go to the EFX and do like 20-30 min. of that and maybe some stairs, I like to switch it up I get a good sweat from it. Or should I just stick to one thing?

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    I say mix it up, as long as you keep your heart rate up at target. I do the same thing for my evening cardio, I box for like 20min then I try to hit the treadmill right after that for another 15 or so.

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    Cardio is just like weight training, your body will adapt to it so you have to change up what you do. Otherwise you will plateau.


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    If you are purely trying to burn body fat, you will need to basically run to the next machine if you have to.

    just wear a heart monitor and keep your heart pumping in the correct range for you and you will get the most benifit.

    I am a hardcore believer in heart monitors. its a toy to play with (guys like toys) and its sooo easy to get "geeky" about cardio methods to keep your heart rate up there.

    I posted a thread a while back on how to calculate it.

    phew, now with all that said, the reason i am saying all this is because, if you know your target heart range, and monitor it. there is no chance you are wasting your time.

    You can get one as cheap as 30 bucks, or you can go nuts and spend all you like on one.

    comes with a chest strap (you can buy sports bra's for women) that transmit your heart rate to the watch.

    hope it helps

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    Originally posted by Buddha_Red
    (you can buy sports bra's for women) that transmit your heart rate to the watch.

    hope it helps
    Man.....I would never of guessed you as a cross dresser!!!!!

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