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    Best time for me to work out??

    I am currently on a cutting diet.........high protein, low carb.......20-30 min cardio 4-5 days a week......on EQ/ECA......5'10"....195, anyway......I currently work out at night, usually about 6 or 6:30...but I recently just joined a different gym that is much closer to my I could possibly start working out about 6:30-7 in the morning before I head to work, I guess I got a couple options...cardio in the morning, weights at night, all in the morning, or all at night, I would prefer to get it all knocked out at one time, but it depends on what is best for my body....can anyone please shed some light on what would be more effective?!?!? Thanks guys!!

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    Personally I like to knock it all out in one shot.
    The best time to do cardio is in the morning on a empty stomach, so I'd say get up early, do your cardio, then hit the weights.

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