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    Bi's 2x / week - too much?

    My biceps are lagging behind the rest of my arms. I have really long biceps, and my delts one of my strongpoints. So when my arm hangs down, relaxed, my bi's look small compared to my delts and the rest of my body.

    Since the biceps are a relatively small muscle, would it be feasible to work them twice a week? I've tried mixing things up, but I just can't find a good biceps workout that I like. I mean, my biceps feel sore after a workout, I'd say, about 1 out of every 10 workouts. And I really pride myself on how hard I hit my muscles in the gym- but I just can't rip my bi's like I'd like!

    Any help would be appreciated, especially on whether bi's 2x/week would work.

    Thanks folks.

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    DO a GVT style training day with a 10 rep 10 sets and 60 second rest intervals. Use about 60% your one rep max - this does depend on your fiber type - some need more than 60%, others less - but the weight should be light enough for the first few sets to be pretty easy. Then around the 5-6 get hard... then at about 7-8 you will get the GVT adrenelin response which is responsible for it getting easy again - and the growth and strength response. It's a flat pyramid - use the same weight. Every week increase the weight used by a few pounds - you should progressively get stronger... little by little - don't try and make huge jumps. For example, 60lbs Barbell Curls the first week, 65 pounds the next... if you have a hard time finishing, just use the same weight the next week and then add more the following - you should NOT use a spotter or forced reps for this. Don't do anything else for biceps this day. Allow 2-3 days rest.

    The other day do a basic POF split with one compound excerise for 4-6 reps (barbell curls), one rythmic for 10 -12(Seated Dumbell Curls) and one isolation for 12-15(Standing Concentration Curls). About 10-12 total working sets. Basically a strength day. Allow 4-5 days rest for this one.

    Your profile sounds like your system is ready for this, 6 foot, 203lbs @ 10% BF - if you don't see improvement though - you are not. And you should take a step back... and first try some other advanced principles for hypertrophy on the day you work biceps, like super sets, giant sets, drop sets, ...

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    Somebody once told me "You want big arms do squats!!" It releases GH in the body to grow.

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