Weight Training isn't JUST for Bodybuilders...
There's no doubt that resistance training can lead to increased fat loss. In fact, in addition to cardiovascular or aerobic exercise, resistance training is an important element in any effective fat loss program.

Muscle tissue is metabolically active in the body-in general terms, the higher your percentage of muscle mass, the higher your resting metabolism.

Strength training will increase your lean muscle mass resulting in an accelerated metabolism; in other words, if you add more muscle, you'll burn more calories. And this, of course, can translate into an increase in fat burning as well.

So, in addition to the other health benefits associated with resistance training-increased strength and energy, healthy bone density, protection against injury, etc.- engaging in two or three brief and intense weight training sessions per week carries the major plus of allowing your body to burn more calories even while at rest.

Weight Training Continued...

If you are still new to weight training- don't be intimidated. It does become easier with time and you will soon see and feel the fitness benefits of weight training sessions. 3-4 weight training sessions per week is a great start. You can break up your workouts into upper and lower body sessions alternating between the 2. Ex:


upperbody & cardio





cardio & abs

EX. Lower Body Workout 2 sets 10-12 repetitions of the following

leg press
hamstring curl machine
leg extension
calf raise
butt blaster
Rest about 30-60 seconds between sets and use a weight that is difficult but not impossible!

EX. Upper Body Workout 3 sets 10-12 repetitions of the following

lat pull down
flyes (chest)
shoulder press
triceps pull downs
bicep curls

Always start your workouts with about 5 minutes of cardio warm up to get your muscles loose and your blood flowing. If you are unfamiliar with weight training and how to use the machines and equipment perhaps a couple of sessions with a local personal trainer or pairing up with a friend may help.

It is very important to vary your workouts every couple of weeks so that you continue to make progress and your body does not adapt to the exercises you have been doing. It is a common mistake to do the same exercises for the same amount of time week after week. This will not get you the results you want. Variation will get you the results you want. Good Luck!