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    Why am i getting dirt sore now several days afterwards?

    Hey bros,

    Give me your advice, I changed up my routine alot ..i made strength and mass gains..just never got sore.and i am just wondering how many of u are out there that get sore on body parts u worked out several days before hand? what causes stress???..i mean if they are gonna burn from lactic acid isnt that withing about 6-8 hours?? Give me ur ideas on this, i use glutamine, dextrose, creatine, 5 grams each as my recovery drink

    Thanks for your time!!

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    delayed onset muscle soreness, your probably overtraining if you're still sore several days after you trained that body part. It's good to change up your routine and maybe this might be why your sore because you have shocked your system but I still do not think you should be sore 3 days after your routine.

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    Clarifying the soreness

    1) i have 3-4 day a week powerlifting style routine, kind of my own modified westside program
    2) i get the sorness not until the 3 day after lifting certain body parts
    3) my past never included sorness
    4) could carb loading or energy other things before hand help ?

    Now any ideas? t hanks for your post reply to me

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    try upping your protein intake and glut it should help increase the recovery time. did you take a break off training? remember bigger muscles need more time to recover

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