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    Body challenge or something?

    hey gang

    I was thinking the other day about this and i really hope someone knows where in my local area i can get involved with a body challenge or something.

    The gym i go to is chocked full of "im to fine or buffed to talk to you"
    which really bums me out.

    I love to compete and since there is no way i can make friends at my gym it gets lonely. I have tried everything and 95% dont even speak when you say "hi!"

    now im not talking about someone working out. im talking about when they arent busy or out of breath but still no luck. most actually look the other way and refuse to speak.

    i mean come on, how many of those people started out like that? almost none. give a half fat guy a break and say HI if you run into one.

    there has to be some positive people that want to modivate a fatboy to work harder. i bring the hardwork to the gym but it would be nice to compete or try harder than others.

    Does anyone have any clubs or anything near houston texas? i live in pasadena texas actually but im open.

    Its a shot in the dark, but my experience in the gym just isnt what i feel is best for getting max results.

    Sure i can work out alone or with my wife but gym friends or club friends are just fun and i miss being a part of something like that.

    well any help would be great, if none is there thanks for letting me vent a bit
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    Well Buddha, I can;t help but I hope you find what you are looking for bro.

    BUMP....up she goes.


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