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    Maximum mass building????

    I have heard from several bodybuilders and powerlifters that it is better to powerlift for the first few years of lifting to get that thick muscle in, then start to bodybuild after that. I have been lifting for 2 years as a bodybuilder. Should I start powerlifting to add that thick muscle?

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    powerlifting will make you stronger but not much bigger, IMO you should look into periodization. Thats when youdo different types of traing for some time. Example:
    Powerlifting for a month 1-3 reps
    then move up the reps 6-8
    then 10-12
    and some people like 15-20 too boost endurance
    Also by doing periodization your workout wont get stale

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    Well I do heavy weight low reps like 4-6 reps on my main lifts and highr reps like 10-12 on all my secondary lifts and it's been working great for me.

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