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    2 day shedule.... need HELP

    I have track every single day of the week so i can't go to the gym on during the weekdays. I also don't wanna lose my strength or mass so i'm planning on going to the YMCA on saturdays and sundays. I need help making the best 2 day schedule i can.... although it probably won't be that great. I am also going for mass over strength. Here is what i have so far

    Flat bench- 3x8, 1x10
    Decline db bench- 4x8-10
    incline db bench- 4x8-10
    cable crossovers
    tri extensions
    biceps- 3x10
    lat pulldowns- 3x10
    pull ups- 2 set max

    Squats- 6-5-4-3
    hip sled- 3x10
    hamstring curls- 3x10
    military- 3x8
    db shoulders- 3x8
    shrugs- 3x10
    deadlifts- 3x10

    I know i'm going to be there all freaking day but it'll be worth it. Please tear it apart and give me suggestions on what i should fix. thanx a lot
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    Personally I would not do that much and I would fit in time after track. even if you seperate you body parts and do them singled out. Take a few day off during the week and take advantage of your weekend sessions. but 2 days and nothing else loks a bit rough for me.

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    Yea i do agree that it is rough to do a full weeks worth of lifting in two days back to back but there really is nothing i can do during the week, i just think it's better than doing nothing and trying to get the best out of it that i can

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    Day 1
    Day 2
    As for specific lifts....

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    Dont sweat it bro. I have been lifting only 2 days per week for 6 months now and havent lost the first bit of size or strength, I am actually stronger in a lot of exercises. No this may not be idea for a bodybuilder but for functional muscle you dont have to go to the gym 5 days per week. Just remember this, DO ONLY COMPOUND MOVEMENTS.
    I would stick to exercises like Bench or Incline, Military Press, Dips, Pullups, Rows, Squats or Leg Presses, Deadlifts or Hyperextensions or Good Mornings, and throw in some ABS. Thats it, keep it simple dude.

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    Alright dudes, thanx for the help

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