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    How to get BIG legs?

    Hey there,

    How do I get BIG legs?

    I do leg presses, squats, sitting calves and leg presses. There's another calf machine, you're on a 45 degree angle and go up/down with calves. What do I do to max out calves and legs, upper/lower?



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    eat, lift, sleep. What's your leg routine look like? My legs are developing nicely and all I do is once a week do 3 warm-up sets and 4 (heavy as I can go) sets of 8,6,6,4 on squats, 3-4 sets of 8-12 on leg extensions, 4 sets of 8 on leg curls, and calves 3-4 times a week. But it doesn't mean it'll work for you.

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    Ive been having a problem recently with my leg development also. It seems like my quads grow no problem, but my hams are lacking, and my calves are super lacking. It was like i never worked them at all.

    I figured out that on leg day, the first muscle you work is usually the biggest because by the time you get to your hams and calves, you I am tired and usually half-ass the rest, so I started in reverse, by hitting the calves, hams, then quads, and now I've noticed that they are starting to "catch up". 45 degree presses, sitting raises work great for calves, but make sure you go heavy and hard. It takes a little more to stress the calves because they support your weight all day long from walking, running, etc. Donkey raises work well too if you can find someone to sit on your lower back in the gym.

    For Hams, i usually do lying curls, and deadlifts, always going heavy.

    For quads I do the basics, (squats, presses, and ext.).

    Make sure you are training hard and heavy, but be careful not to overwork them. Rest, sleep and nutients are the key. Im just pissed it took me so long to get it right.

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    If you find that your legs are lagging behind the rest of your body parts, you should consider putting them first in your routine.

    As for putting size on your legs, Stick with compound exercises such as squats (free weight) and leg presses. And for hams go with stiff legged deadlifts and leg curls. Many have a problem in the calve area including my self. But one specific thing will not work for all people. I find that if I am getting a compete muscle contraction (squeezing hard on each rep at the top) and getting a full stretch at the bottom of the movement, this helps with growth in the calves tremendously.

    I also change up my leg routine each workout. So that it keeps my body guessing. What ever you do don't sacrafice good form for heavy impressive poundages. If you are not familar with proper form ask someone who is, to show you. This will do wonders for growth and keep you from getting injured.

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    Squats are #1 for leg mass exercises, make sure you stretch a lot and warm up sufficiently.

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    THE LEGG DAY=90 REPS IN 4 SETS IT WILL MAKE YOUR LEGS EXPLODE but you can only do it every once in a while!!!!!

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    I know I have small legs, and I have never been a lover of squats but that has changed. Now I love the challenge! Going Deep in your squats is key! If you 1/8th or 1/4 squats you might as well just not do it! My leg day goes like this:
    W/O= 135 - 25x
    225 - 20x
    275 - 15 or more
    315 - 10 to 15
    365 - 10 to 15
    405 - 4-10x
    then finish with 2 sets 1- 225 - 20 135 - to 30
    then goto leg press 4 sets Deep! Don't have to be heavy 4 sets hack deep again do good good form. leg extensions 5 sets

    then I'll do calves and another body part.

    Hams Roman Deads - 5 sets doing what ever weight 25/20/15/10/8 and then go light for 25 to finish. Curls also 6 sets 20/15/10/8/15/20.
    I noticed good size growth. I'm going to start doing shock sets every 3rd leg day hopefully that will help. Don't worry about the weight that will come, Deep Discipline squats and slow burning curls. Unfortunatley I'm just getting back due to injury so I have to get the weight backup so I do lighter sets right now, but in about 1 1/2 weeks KILL EM!

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    Very deep squats, high rep squats, low rep squats, partial squats, box squats, and squats. Needless to say, I like to mix it up.

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    Many people work legs with same frequency as biceps, chest, shoulders, or any other muscle group. I believe since lower body( from hip down ) is 50% of your mass, you should spend 50% of your training time training below the waist. Just a thought. My training ususaly goes like this:

    DAY1: quad dominant leg exercises, calfs, abs
    DAY2: chest, shoulders, tris
    DAY3: rest
    DAY4: hamstring dominant leg exercises, calfs, abs
    DAY5: back, biceps, forearms or neck
    DAY6: rest

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