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    My Workout ? Good or no

    Monday : Cardio(30min) Abs , Forearms
    Tuesday : Cardio (30min+)
    Wednesday : REST DAY
    Thursday : Biceps , Back
    Friday : Legs , Calves
    Saturday : Chest , Triceps
    Sunday : Shoulders , Traps

    Any recommendations or Switches i should make? ?

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    I think you workout looks good the only thing I would change would be to not workout 3 days in a row .Put the cardio monday workout tue cardio wed, workout thur, cardio, sat ,ect.Also working back with arms is a great idea just make sure you do your back first and when it comes time to hit the arms dont do alot of sets maybe 1 or 2 working sets to failure.Becouse you are doing alot of arm work at the same time that you are doing your back and if you end up doing alot of arm work you could end up overtraining them.Also dont do shoulders the next workout after chest this to will cause you to overtrain them for the same do alot of shoulder work when you bench .Peace
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    what exactly is 'traps'? =\

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