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    Tricep Exercises with sore shoulder

    Hi all,

    I have rotator cuff impingement sydrome (perhaps you read my other thread about it). I have a rehab program to do, and I am finding ways to work around the injured area so that it is not aggrevated. I am coping well so far, but one thing is still a bit tough - triceps. This is because a lot of exercises hit the shoulder strenuously, and so I am trying to find alternatives.

    Normally I used to do close grip bench, skull crushers, seated overhead extension with 1 or 2 dumbbells etc. but these are put pressure on the joint, and require the arms to be raised above shoulder height, which I can't do. What alternatives do you guys suggest for a real pump??

    BTW I am trying to find exercises which I can also do 6-10 reps of, not ones which you need to do 30 of to get a pump


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    Try doing alterate dumbell skull crushers instead. Not so bad on the joints. How you do it, is you lie on a bench with a pair of DB in each hand (palms facing each other) and then bring them to your forehead. Do rope pushdowns, one arm tricep pushdown (done on the high cable pulley). Dumbell kickback or the hammer tricep on the pad (similar to preacher curls but the grip goes from up to down).

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