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    Fat Burning????????

    Ok I just got off my Test500/Deca400 p/w cycle. I started my clomid and everything is going good. In 2 weeks I am starting my winny/clen cycle. I was just wondering how many times a week I should hit the cardio to reduce my BF% from around 12%, where it is now, to around 10%? I did cardio 4 times aweek for 40 minutes while on my test/deca cycle, and I really noticed a loss in fat. I went from 14% to 12%. Should I keep with the same routine? Or should I add 2 more days to it. I really wanna kick the fat this time. I will also be takin an ECA with the winny and clen to max the fat loss out. 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. any suggestions?

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    how long was your previous cycle?

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