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    Oh my fu#@ back help. plez

    Ok my back was little sore from lifting shit couple days ago at work nothing big just along the righ side of my back like under the lats. Minor pain, like from sleeping in a awkward position. Well yester day i did abs, i think this has something to do with it, i havn't done them in a bit. But this morning i still had that pain so i just did a little strech and BAM all of a sudden this long muscle kinda from the obliques to the lat area got sooo tense and i couln't move was dying. Made it to a bed where i stayed. This muscle keeps getting tense on and off. Mainly cause u use your abs all the time but fuck this kills. Took some pain killers etc.. nothing. I ve never experienced this bad of a pain and suggestions are welcome thx!

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    Well first off ice it. Ibuprofen, and go see a doc if it's hurting that damn bad. If it's really causing that much pain, layoff the gym, try stretching but be CAREFULL, ice it down, rest and go see a doc is all the advice I can give ya.

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