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    Best Cardio Workout

    What do you guys think is the best cardio workout? I was also wondering if the eliptical is just as good at burning calories as the tredmill.


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    My favorite and what I think is best is walking at a moderate pace (3.7-4mph) at an incline (8-13 on a max scale of 15). I also use the ellip things for a change up and like them too. I don't see anything wrong with them.


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    best cardio work out... lol - not really sure but i always did enjoy a running track over a tredmill. but i like being outside & shit. anyways, when i first started i was running half a mile and walking the other 1 1/2. now i'm running 2miles & walking 3.

    i'd like to build myself up to running 3miles a day. i get in about 26miles per 7 days of Cardio.

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