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    Angry cant millitary press

    i dont know what i did to my shoulder but i cant do any exersizes that involve me pressing anything over my head. so now i must find a way to work my front delts, (millitary was my bulk exersize) and now im stumped i need one exersize thats not a upright row. thanks alot guys

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    just go light and work your way up what did you hurt to not be able to do military?

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    Well obviously dumbell laterals to the front, side, and bent over would be the only other things you could do for can't even do machines? I don't know man, if it's that bad, I wouldn't recommend training upper body at all(or certainly not chest, triceps, and deltoids). Either take 1 week off, or do nothing but bicep, back, and leg work for 1-2 weeks. YOU DO NOT WANT TO AGGREVATE YOUR SHOULDER MORE. Believe me, attempting to "blow through" a shoulder injury(espically to the rotater cuffs) could give you an injury that would prevent you from even picking up a weight for four months. So you definitely do not want to rush it. Again, I recommend to take AT LEAST 1 week off from doing any upper body pressing, possibly any upper body work at all.

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